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How to Finance Your Dream Classic Car

If you love classic cars, then you may want to consider finding a financing plan to get your dream vehicle. You probably already know that it is very difficult to pay for classic cars in cash.

This is the reason why a classic car financing could be your best option. But you have to remember that classic car financing is totally different from regular auto financing plans. Still, it will not hurt to know the processes and steps involved in financing a classic car. And if you find a classic automobile that you want to have, then you can apply your knowledge on classic car financing and get your dream vehicle in no time.

Look for the Right Financing Company

You will seldom find a lending company that will provide financing for classic cars. Most auto lenders do not want to deal with these classics. Your best bet therefore is to look for a financing company that specialises on novelty or specialty vehicles.

You have to take note that the valuation of classic car is different from the valuation rules applied on standard automobiles. You need to know the specific rules of the lending company on how they evaluate classic vehicles.

Get Your Credit Report

Before you start serious transaction with the financing company, it is a must that you get your credit report first. A financing company will check your credit once you apply for financing. You have to make sure that your credit is impeccable so you can get a quick approval.

In case your credit score is not good, you should take extra effort to repair it first before you start shopping for classic cars. You will have better chances of getting your dream vehicle if you have an excellent credit score.

Find the Best Terms for Financing

Loan terms for regular cars are different from the terms of classic car loans. Normally, specialty car financing could offer a 10-year term for the loan. Down payments for classic vehicle are also more expensive. Because the lender can evaluate classic cars based on their subjective rules, then it is not uncommon that you could pay a higher down payment for your classic auto. The typical down payment for classic automobiles is around 20 percent of the entire value of the vehicle.

Prepare for Inspection

In most cases, lending companies will require physical inspection of classic vehicles. So it is best to prepare for this so you can increase your chance of getting an approval. This process is almost totally different if you are getting a new car. For new car loans, you might get an approval even if there are no inspections conducted by the financing company.

Lastly, make sure that the papers and documentations of the classic vehicle are in order before you seriously pursue financing and purchase. You have to check the papers of the vehicle in question because the lenders will surely ask for them. It is easier to get a loan approval if the classic car you want does not have documentation problems.

How to Determine If You Can Afford a Mortgage

Are you still renting your place? Mortgage rates are so low nowadays so you should seriously consider buying your own house. Instead of throwing away your money by renting an apartment or condo, why not make an investment for your own place.

You are probably wondering how you can afford a mortgage. So here are some few tips that will help you to determine if you can afford a mortgage and if this is the best option for you.

Do You Have Enough Cash ?

The first thing you should do if you want to buy a house is to determine how much cash you have right now. This includes your money in the bank and other equivalents that you can quickly convert to cash.

You have to understand that when you buy a house, you need to make a down payment for the property. The usually down payment could be between 5 percent and 25 percent. Aside from the down payment, you also need to pay the closing costs. So if you do not have enough cash for these, then it might be too difficult for you to start owning a house.

Identify Your Current Level of Income and Expenses

You have to establish your current income level today. When getting a mortgage, you have to convince the lender that your income will remain the same or increase in the near future.

After this, you have to calculate your total expenses every month. You should make an itemized list of your monthly expenses for food, transportation, clothing, utilities, and other items. Deduct the monthly expenses against your monthly income. If there is nothing left, then your chance of getting a mortgage is slim.

Consider Your Debts

An important part of your planning is to determine how much you owe right now. If you are saddled with credit card debts and have outstanding loans, then the banks could turn down your application for mortgage.

Mortgage lenders and banks have limits on how much you can get for financing. It should be no more than 40 percent of your income. If you already have plenty of debts, then your income may not be able to pay for the monthly mortgage.
These are the factors you have to consider to determine if you can afford a mortgage. It is true that you can not do anything when it comes to your monthly income. However, you can get a second job if you want to increase your income level.

You can also put more money in your savings account to prepare for the down payment. Another positive step is to reduce your monthly spending so you can increase your savings. Then you have to begin paying off your debts so you can get fresh credit.

These steps are necessary if you want to buy your own house. Once you improve your financial status, then you should start looking for a suitable property that you can afford. If you are in a better financial situation, you will be able to purchase your own house without trouble.

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